About us

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From the Atlántico to the Adriatic Sea. From Patagonia to Dalmacija. Communication is universal and we are proud to provide our expertise and creativity all over the world.

We are a Digital Agency made in Patagonia and working abroad. Proudly promoting brands, companies, and entrepreneurs through Marketing and Social Media.

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Flor has a degree in Communication (UNPSJB), Cultural Journalism (UNLP) and more than twelve years of experience in social media marketing. In charge of Communication & Press in Comodoro Turismo, she directed Comodoro Rivadavia’s government magazine. As a journalist, wrote for magazines all over Argentina and Latin America.

Author of “Escritos impacientes para gente sin tiempo” and “Made in Patagonia: bandas y solistas del fin del mundo”, the first book about patagonian music. Host of Vida Millennial, ADNSUR’s original podcast.

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Sant has a degree in Social Communication (UNLP) and a Master’s Degree in Organization Administration of the Cultural and Creative Sector (FCE-UBA) in process.

He co-founded and directed the Argentinian record label Hitclub, leading communication and marketing strategies, relations with artists, and events production. Founding Partner of MORFAR, the first Argentinian walk-in shop in Croatia.


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Caro has a degree in Tourism (UNPSJB) and finished a Master’s Degree in Tourism Business Development and Management (UNQ). In addition, she participated in Google training in Digital Marketing, web positioning tools for SMEs and entrepreneurs, and leadership for women. She knows how to transform resources into attractions and contributes from her field and experience.